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Related post: Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2001 22:45:54 +0100 From: Greg Cherry Subject: Rick and virgin defloration mpeg the Teenage Sex Club (MBBBBBBBbb)If you're underage (minor) defloration virgin teen xxx in your jurisdiction - do not read this story. The facts depicted best virgin pussy herein are pure fantasy (but what a fantasy!). No attempt should be made to emulate these acts or to engage in unsafe sex with untrusted strangers. Some of the characters in this story are under 18 years of age. The author does not condone sex with such persons. virgin cuties defloration real The story is merely intended for adult entertainment. (c) jeans_jock 2000. If you wanna contact me about this story and let me know what you think - further ideas, etc., you are most welcome can do so at Always like to hear from a kindred spirit! RICK AND THE TEEN SEX CLUBMBBBBBBBbbSequel to "Rick and the Lay-Bi Orgy"After they had shuck their clothes back teenie virgins on, Rick traipsed back through the thick undergrowth with the virgin freesex two boys to his 4x4, but not virgin hymen fucking before he had slipped a scrap of paper bearing his phone number into Joe's hand with a "Ring me sometime".Back at the truck, he offered mexican virgin girl porn the boys a lift home, which they willingly accepted, of course. Once on the road, Rick asked the boys about the other youngsters they screwed underground virgin pussy around with."If you're interested," Gaz cute virgins ru said, "we have this kind-a club where we all meet after school. There's this old man lives a couple of streets away free nude virgin boards from the school next door to me and he's got an old garage at the side of his house where he lets us meet. Of course, he doesn't know what goes on there. He just gives me the key one day and says me virgin sex porno and me friends can use it as a den. We don't meet much over the holidays, but now school's back, we'll be getting together there on Tuesday. If you want, you can come along and I'll introduce you -- Rob'll be there, won't you, mate?" Rob nodded in assent."What age are these guys?" Rick asked, by now very interested indeed. "Well, we never really know who's gonna be there, but there's usually about ten of us. Rob's the oldest. The youngest must be Dave, who's 12 -- he's going into the second class this year. hot virgin girl He doesn't top virgins land do much, though. Just sits and wanks, watching the other guys makin' out. Never been fucked, even, but I reckon he'll want to get stuck in before long."Rick dropped the guys off at virgin babysitters Kerry Street, which was a quiet residential street in a fairly poor part of town, lined with red)brick Victorian terraced houses. He'd given them his number and they'd arranged to meet on Tuesday evening at 6 o'clock by the school gates. As he drove away, Rick's stomach was churning in anticipation at the idea of all that young flesh to look forward to. Despite his afternoon's experiences, he went home and turned on his favourite compilation of Sebastian Bleisch movies and wanked off one more time.*Tuesday came and Rick was about 10 minutes late virginia youth soccer association getting to the school. "Sorry -- traffic," he explained as he opened the door for Gaz. Rob wasn't there, Gaz virgine world sex explained, but had already gone ahead to open up for the others.A few minutes later, they were at the one-car garage in Kerry Street that served as the boys' meeting place. Gaz knocked at the door and called out, "Hey, guys, it's me, virgins pix Gaz."Rob opened the door a crack, smiled at Rick and Gaz and invited them in. Immediately behind the door was a sheet of corrugated iron russian virgins foto that virgins non nude functioned as a visual break, to prevent anyone virgin off free pics peeking through the cracks in the wooden door. Rob shut the door behind them and threw the upper and lower bolts to, so as to secure their little palace of pleasure. "The guys have started," he winked at the newcomers, "and Marc's brought some pot." Rick sniffed and could smell the acrid odour of grass in the air. He'd brought a goodwill free porn videos virgins present of half-a- dozen bottles of poppers, but never realised that these youngsters would already be on to soft drugs. His interest increased.The three emerged from behind the screen and Rick surveyed the scene. In the corner, a ghetto-blaster churned out Metallica and the floor was strewn with dirty mattresses and bean-bags. There were seven boys lolling around in various states of undress, passing joints to one another. One dark-haired 15- year-old, Marc as it transpired, was lying with his back to the wall, dragging hard on a joint with his check shirt open and his light-blue jeans around his virgin russian mpg ankles. His hair was tousled and he sported the youthful beginnings of a hairy upper lip. Beside him sex virgins porno kneeled a younger boy, and 11-year-old called Justin, licking tentatively at Marc's stiff cock. Justin's cheeks were flushed red, and apart from his head of mousy-brown hair, his body was entirely hairless, fresh and soft."Who's the new guy sucking Marc?" Gaz asked. "New boy," replied Rob, "started this term. Stevie caught him wanking in the gym bogs -- silly bugger forgot to lock the door -- joined him, locked the door and sucked him off. Then asked if he wanted to come down tonight. The kid's been waiting outside for an hour!""Just gotta have a piece of his young ass," said Gaz, and he moved virgin pics free hymen in behind the youngster, and started to fondle his ass- cheeks. Justin looked round in surprise and Gaz litte virgins free said, "Don't worry, kid, I'm Gaz, I'm the leader of this gang. I just wanna check you out for size.""Hi, I'm Justin and I ain't never been fucked," Justin replied. "There's a first time for everyone," Gaz smiled as he fingered Justin's tight, puckered ass-hole. "Hey, kid," Marc said, "don't stop yet, we're virgin free 15yo just getting' started," and, with that, Justin turned back to Marc's 6-inch pole and shaved nuts, and resumed his licking.On the other side of the room were Danny, the 13-year-old who could take two cocks in his arse, and Mike, the 14-year-old. They were both starkers but for their baseball boots and socks. Danny was a little taller than Mike, and had a smooth, hairless chest. He was also dark-haired and stood, his tight, round ass-cheeks glinting in the dim light as he gently moved his long, thick, uncut dick into and out of Mike's mouth.Mike sat with his legs stretched out between Danny's spread- eagled legs, supporting himself on his young, porno kids virgin muscular arms. He wore little virgin topless a red cap, peak backwards, and his own cock lay half- erect against his thigh, oozing pre-cum. Danny's monster dick, which must have been 9" long, drooped downwards -- a good sucking cock, thought Rick -- and slid easily into the 14-year- old's mouth and down his throat. He gagged occasionally, and Danny drew back, so as not to force his free virgin pussy thumbs buddy too quickly. A drooping joint, mirroring the form of his cock, hung from Danny's mouth, and in his hand he held a can of lager.At the back was the third group, a taller kid, a 16-year-old called Hank, sporting a spiky flat-top haircut, who was sitting on a chipped, painted table, his legs hymen virgin free pics pictures of virgins pussys spread wide virgins lands to reveal his large, engorged cock, which was bound at the base by a tight cock-strap with two additional thongs, each of which held one of his balls in a tight orb. His cock was being worked on by two other boys, the 12-year-old, Dave, and another 15-year-old, called Scott. virgin megastores Scott was a pure athlete, his bare hot virgin nude kids chest a perfect "V", covered in light, youthful down that matched the colour of his blond hair. Rick's gallery virgin girls sex mouth watered at the sight of his tight, worked-out arse, over which was stretched the rough denim of a pair of romania virgin girls videos cut-offs, which the youngster always wore to go jogging -- his pretext for coming to the club meets. The seam teeny virgins nude was pulled tight between the cheeks, and out of one leg poked the end of his stiff boy- dick. On his feet were white west virginia youth soccer baseball boots and thick white socks, which were crumpled roughly around the top of his high- tops. His face was little virgins japanese angelic, a real beauty, and virgins teen girls tgp he licked greedily at Hank's growing cock. His muscles rippled best western virgin islands softly as he caressed his friend's thighs and moved his hand down to fondle Dave's young penis, which also started to react to the athlete's expert touch.Rick could hardly believe his eyes: nine boys aged 11 to 17 all together, smoking pot, drinking beer, snorting poppers and, without inhibition, giving of their youthful bodies to one another's mutual satisfaction.Gaz by this time had his piss- and cum-stained denim jacket off and had undone his belt and virgin girls defloration the buttons of his jeans to reveal his engorged member. He wanked it slowly, gingerly hauling his balls out from their confinement. He held a little innocent virgins fresh bottle of poppers under the kid's right nostril, closing age to lose virginity his left one nude virgin photos as he did so, and ordered him to sniff deep. Justin did so, and his already red face cute virgins deepened in hue, as the poppers blonde virginias nuded took their effect on his young body. The kid's prick stuck down rock hard as Gaz knelt behind Justin and started to lick as the new kid's virgin ass, stroking the younger boy's cock to full erection at the same nude virgin fresh girl time.Rick threw off his leather jacket and, like Gaz, opened the button virgin pussy child fly of free anal virgin porn his jeans to extricate his virgins sex movies shaven manhood. He lay on his back under Justin's tummy and gazed, mesmerised by the kid's stiff cock, as Gaz expertly wanked it. Rick reached up and lightly grasped the 11-year-old's tits. Suddenly, Justin released Marc's cock from his mouth and gave a juvenile grunt as he released his load over Rick's face and into his mouth. Rick craned his neck to swallow as much of the boy's cream as he could and was rewarded with a good wad on his tongue.Justin flopped onto petite russian virgins his back, his head bursting from the sensation of the poppers and Marc and Gaz smiled at one another with a hint of conspiracy. Rick lay where he was, his face smeared with Justin's cum and Gaz bent over to lick the remnants from his chin and lips. Rick reached out amatuer virgin videos for Gaz's cock and pulled the youth nearer, so as he nude shy virgin could get a taste of the youngster's engorged fuck-pole. Marc, too, shuffled onto his knees and soon Rick was giving the two teenagers a double-suck as they drew on the joint and French kissed above him. The beauty fresh virgins two of them were russian virgins pic either side of Rick, and Rob, by now also naked, moved in above his head, to offer a third young cock for Rick's pleasure. Rick alternately licked and sucked each of the boys, fondling arc's and Gaz's arses at the virgin loita same time. He found Marc's pre-vaselined hole with his finger and Marc growled, "Yeah, stick it in there -- push my button and see her shoot!" Rick complied and managed to insert two finders free virgin porno pics into the 15-year-old's arse before stroking at his prostate. Within seconds, he was rewarded with virgin lollita seeing Marc wank his prick to a climax, and inch over his face, and then deposit a thick load of cum into his mouth. Marc shoved his cock into Rick's open mouth as he came, and Rick avidly swallowed the teenager's creamy spunk. By this time, Gaz and Rob were also wanking at their dicks furiously, tongue-kissing each other wildly as first Rob, then xxx virgin Gaz, simultaneously emptied their balls over Rick's face and mouth, as he greedily swallowed their boy cream into his throat. He was in delirium from the joint and the unbelievable concept of all this young man flesh, so sexed up and horny, thrusting their young manhoods and their fresh, youthful cum into his mouth.Rob and Gaz stood up and Rick rolled over to look what was happening on the other japanese virgin pics nude side of the room. hank had a jar of Vaseline and was smearing the lubricant over the young Dave's arse, as Dave all mexi virgins himself bent to suck Scott's proud dick. Gaz went over to check it out and turned to Rick. "You wanna see a virgin get his first fuck?" Rick certainly did and scrambled to his feet. Gaz pulled Dave away from Scott's penis deepthroat virgins 22 passphrase and bent him over the table. "Take it easy, hank," said Gaz, "we want the little fucker to come back for more, eh!" "Sure, we do," replied Hank, as he positioned himself between Dave's slim legs. Gaz stood at one side of Dave, Scott at the other, and Gaz gently spread the 12-year-old's hairless cheeks apart. Scott passed a bottle of poppers to Dave and said "Take a snort -- a big one -- you're gonna need it."Without virgin cunt galleries little a word, Dave took the bottle and did as Scott recommended. Hank waited a second for the poppers to take their effect and then thai virgins pics he pressed his 9" gently against the kid's puckered ass-hole. "You said you wanted it, so you're gonna get it'" Gently he inserted the cock-head, until Dave started to groan. Dave took another draught of amyl and Hank pushed in a little farther. "Oh, Hank, yeah, stick it right in, just like they do it to Brian Hawks in the porn movies," Dave virgin teens art gallery encouraged. The first inch was in, hank drew out a little and then pushed in three inches, saying "Fuck, you're tight, our kid, tight and good." At first, Dave had recoiled a little, but now was actively pushing against little nude virgins the invasion into his virgin butt. "Oh, yeah, this is the best, I wanna get fucked, fuck free porn virgin me, hank, fuck me!" Hank started to move his cock in and pree teen virgin sex out of Dave's arse, each time probing a little farther. He met resistance at his sixth inch, but started pounding the kid's sexy virgin pics innards anyway. Dave had the poppers constantly at his nose, and Hank set to, to show him how good a fist fuck from another red-blooded male could feel. His heavy balls were tightly trussed up in the cock-strap and the veins on the polish virgins 16- year-old's cock stood out as he delved the purple rod in and out of the arse of the kid four years his junior.Teenage sex at virgins nude art its best, Scott and Gaz also started to wank their boy virgins rape dvd virgin teen cocks back to full erection as they gazed at the wonderful sight of the young 2nd-former getting stuck by his senior school-mate. It only took a couple of minutes and Hank started to gasp. "It's there, it's there, oh, fuckin' Jesus Christ, I'm gonna shoot." "Hey, hank, don't shoot in him, shoot in my face," said Scott quickly, and as the point-of-no- return came over Hank, he withdrew virgin teen sex pic his 9", and Scott fell to his knees to take the first powerful gush full in his face. His eyes were wide open watching the white fluid spurt out into litle virgin kids his mouth and over his nose and face, dripping in rivulets down his cheeks and onto Scott's spread-eagled thighs.Rick bent down instinctively and slurped up the cum-juice from Scott's down-covered legs and best nude virgin pussy then turned to blackberry virgin mobile Dave's as yet untouched cock, which hung limp under the table against which he was bent. Within seconds, Dave's young cock, which sported zero public hair, was rising to erection, as Scott rose and poised himself to nude japan virgins be the second one to take the young 12-year- old's virginity. He shuck off his denim cut-offs and, although he had only 6" between his legs, his cock was considerably thicker than virgin toplists Hank's.Dave's ass-hole gaped a little from the drubbing he had just had virgine teens from Hank, and with relative porno virgin girl ease and a liberal gob of spit, he jammed it into the slim young junior's fuck-hole. "You better be good at rugby, Dave," said Scott, "'cos they're gonna love you in the asian virgin locker-room!" The pristine young 15- year-old athlete set his face to animal determination and thrust his cock free virgins fantasy madly into the younger boy's arse. Rick sucked on Dave's cock and Dave once again snorted at the poppers. It was all too much for Dave and, as he started to come, Scott's penis found touch with the younger boy's prostate. An earthquake shivered through the younger boy's body and he shot his juice like a spray of bullets deep into Rick's throat. Rick nearly gagged from the quantity and swallowed the boy's juice deep into his stomach. At that moment, Scott was at his climax, and pulled out of Dave's arse before delivering his own wad of juice over the 12-year-old's throbbing arse. Scott was so sexed up that his cum was dripping forth before he even came proper. As his true climax came, Gaz rubbed darina 18virginsex his rough hands over Scott's arse, intensifying the pleasure and causing Scott nude virgin girl to shudder as his cum virgin penetrations shot as if from a firehose over the junior's arse-hole. nude photo virgin angel It dripped in streams onto Rick's chest and Rick, already delirious from the 5th load of boy-cum in his mouth, sat up to lick Scott's load from off of Dave's nubile ass-hole.Gaz was by this porn innocent girls virgins time erect again, and turned his attention to Mike and Danny. "Hey, Danny, you want another double-fuck tonight?" Danny, who had been watching Dave's deflowering with acute interest as Mike gobbled at his dick, smiled and nodded in assent. He pulled out of Mike's mouth and hauled his mate off the floor. "I'll take Mike and the new guy tonight." Gaz grinned at Rick: "That's you, Rick!" Dave slumped on the floor to watch the live sex action and Danny pushed Mike back onto the table. Then Danny mounted the table and turned his back to the room virgin net pic free before lowering himself towards Mike's kiddy virgin free fotos cock."Spread my cheeks, Gaz," he ordered as his well-worked ass- hole came to rest against Mike's cock-head. Gaz obliged and, taking a draw of the poppers, Danny crouched virgin sex movies and descended until Mike's cock was fully up his arse. "Ooh, that's good, Mike, that's good." He bounced a little on Mike's cock to get the feeling of having the other boy's meat stuffed up his arse, and Rick moved in at Danny's back."How old are you, again, kid?" Rick asked Danny."14 in July, an I'm not a kid, I'm a fuck-slut, so shove your thick dick into my hole and stretch it open."Rick was speechless at the boy's boldness and smothered his cock in grease before poising himself at the hole that was already copiously occupied by Mike's young teenage meat.He pressed against the wall of the sphincter and it gave as the end of his cock popped inside Danny's arse."Shove he in, baby, give me all your meat," Danny cried, "Yo, stuff me full, guys."Rick couldn't believe it: he was actually double-fucking a 14- year-old tiger together with his 13-year-old buddy, their two cocks pressed together in common pleasure deep inside the youngster's willing arse.Scott moved virgin gallreies in club virgins crack between Rick's legs and tiny angels virgins gently licked at Rick's shaven balls, wanking his own cock back to erection as he did so. Rick thrust carefully in and out of Danny, feeling the closeness of Mike's cock. Mike soon began to whimper, "Oh, it's too good, I can't hold back, I gotta shoot." "Yeah, Mike, shoot your load into my arse, you feel him cummin', Rick," Danny gasped in reply. Rick could feel the young titan's cock as the cum juice was forced in convulsions through his piss- hole and into Danny's boy-cunt. One more shove and Rick was there as well, mingling his own cum with Mike's inside Danny's hole.Rick withdrew his slimy, cum-covered cock from the boy's ass and Mike's popped out at the same time. Danny stood and anal virgins blog girls about- faced, wanking his cock wildly, before grunting in paroxysms and bending 16 yr webcam virgins his knees double, as he shot stream after stream of his own cum over Rick's face. The first shot arced over Rick's head and splatted on the newspapers that covered the floor. the second was aimed directly at his gaping mouth, and Rick greedily swallowed it down. But Danny wasn't finished there. He virgin free pics shot again at Gaz, who had quickly moved in to lick the cum dripping from Rick's chin. His fourth shot caught Gaz on the chest, his fifth landed in Scott's hair and thereafter his cock just dribbled small spasms of cum, which Scott caught in the face. Scott, too, was at his second climax and shot another load of spunk onto the floor beneath his spread knees. Gaz was also stroking his thick cock and Scott leaned forward to catch Gaz's second pageant teen virginia copious load in his mouth.Rick's throat was smarting from the acrid cum he'd eaten that night. Gaz pondered Rick's cum-strafed face and glanced enquiringly round at the other spent adolescents. They smiled back and Gaz nodded in confirmation."Looks like ye'r in the club, matey," and with a laugh the lads all patted Rick on the back.
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